1) The Employer's "match" actually comes OUT OF YOUR

        The 6.2% for FICA Tax and 1.4% for Medicare Tax   
        should actually be in YOUR base salary, but the
        government takes this FROM your employer on
        "YOUR behalf"!

    2) Do NOT settle for MEDIOCRITY!

    3) The Federal Government is under NO obligation to
        pay out Social Security "benefits".  

       See MYTH # 6 in this link:

       MYTH: There is a legal right to Social Security "benefits"

                                                                                            So, do NOT be SURPRISED if one day, because the
                                                                                            government says that because you have a home, or a
       few thousand in savings, that you are have the "means"
       and are now ineligible to collect YOUR Social Security
       "benefits" (a couple of hundred thousand dollars given
       back to you $1,000 per month until you die...) that were
       confiscated from you every payday since your first
       payday back when you started working...
       Can you say RIPOFF?


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