Democrat's "solutions" to keep the BLANK CHECK of Social Security solvent...

1) CUT "benefits" to those who "have too much wealth" and "don't need" their Social Security money
(you know, the money that the worker paid into the scam during their
entire work life...)

This is known as "MEANS TESTING". This means that if you were visionary and saw that Social Security was a
scam and would not provide you with the funds needed for YOUR retirement, and you INVESTED EXTRA money
from your salary over your work life, you would then have "the MEANS", so you would NOT be allowed to get back
the money that you "contributed" to Social Security, which because it was NOT invested in anything, is a paltry
sum, but it is still YOUR money!!!

2) RAISE the FICA tax from 6.2% to 9% (12.4% to 18% including the employer's "match")

The Employer's "match" actually comes OUT OF YOUR SALARY! The 6.2% for FICA Tax and 1.4% for Medicare
Tax should actually be in YOUR base salary, but the government takes this FROM your employer on "YOUR

3) RAISE the "contributor's" AGE to collect THEIR OWN MONEY BACK ("the benefit")

The age has been RAISED in the past, as shown in this link from the Social Security Administration website:

Age worker is eligible for a "Full Retirement" by Year Of Birth

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