Where does the money of a deceased "contributor" disappear to and do the heirs of the worker's
estate receive the "contributions"???

Unknown. I sent an email to the Social Security Administration and am still WAITING for a reply...

Why are Republicans perceived as being the "Party of the Rich"?

In case you haven't noticed, Democrats are sometimes even MORE wealthier than Republicans.
Take honorary Frenchman John Kerry for instance. He and his heiress wife are BILLIONAIRES.
As he married a widowed heiress to the Heinz fortune, he did it the Democrat way: He did NOT EARN it.

Since I have been an adult, I have noticed that Americans today are disdainful of businesses (Capitalism),
and more and more becoming docile, subservient Socialists. Many people expect the government to
"invest" for them through the Social Security Scam, and give them "free" (read: taxpayer subsidized)
health care, and so on and so on.

Most Republicans and moreover, Conservatives like me, disdain government. We know that every dollar
the government takes from you and I is a dollar lost to corruption and at best, inefficient and ineffective
government programs.

As I have gone through life in these short 42 years, I have attempted to advise friends and associates
about the pitfalls of the "conventional wisdom" purveyed by Socialists in the schools and in the media,
but to no avail. Many people are afraid to invest on their own, or save for their health care in the future.

The attitude of lack of personal responsibility permeates this society and many people
look to the government to solve their problems. For your information: the government is
the worst place to get "good customer service" and the best person to look after your interests
is YOU.

In the "old days" Republicans may have tried to educate working people about taking charge of
their finances, but when the usual excuses of "that is too much money for me to save each month" or
"I will be too old before I collect the money I invested" (ironically, this is ABSOLUTELY the case of
Social Security), but because many Americans seem to want the government to
handle their personal
(!), they accept the government's lies about how great and necessary Social Security is
and ignored Republicans' efforts to sway them from the yolk of government programs.

The Republicans, obviously frustrated, must have said "The people will not listen to us, so we will just go back
to our yacht, our golf course, and count our money" (a slight poetic license taken, but you must get my drift...).
The wealthy people who KNOW about finances and money are scoffed at and vilified as being "rich",
while the people who WANT to be rich spend their lives waiting for Democrat "promises" of security.
Ask your Grandparents or Parents how much "security" they have living on a Social Security check of
$1,000 per month.

Why should knowledgeable, financially independent people waste their time on the ignorant?

Conservatives today KNOW that we must rise above the envy and the ridicule, and educate our fellow citizens
at every opportunity, because we know that the Socialist agenda, while seemingly easier on oneself because it
offers less personally responsibility and MORE GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL, is causing the poverty that
Socialists then use against our Capitalist system. A dangerous catch-22 if there ever was one.

Money is Power, and if the Government handles your money, they have "the Power" over YOU.

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