Karl Marx, "father" of a philosophy that has killed MILLIONS
of people who were unfortunate to have lived
under the rule of tyrants who espoused Marx's
beliefs. These people were liquidated in order to form
a "new man", one that would practice Marxism/Communism.

For over 150 years, Marxists have been seeking an "incident" to
defame Capitalism as an oppressive economic system that the
bourgeoisie (the "Capitalists" - which means YOU; if you own
property or a small business...) employ to extract labor from
"disadvantaged" workers - the "proletariat".  

The Great Depression of the 1930s almost provided that
opportunity and Franklin Roosevelt implemented                                                
Karl Marx
Socialistic programs (like
Social Security), to "protect" the citizens              
from the "risks" associated with Capitalism.                                                                 

You may hear politicians say that it is "too risky" to invest in the stock market because of the "Great Depression"
or more recently, the collapse of Enron and a few other criminally operated businesses.

Just remember that if you owned shares of companies such as Standard Oil of New Jersey (now ExxonMobil)
and General Electric during the Great Depression and DID NOT SELL THEM; you experienced a few years of
low prices (This was a GREAT OPPORTUNITY if you were working and continually PURCHASING shares).  
These companies DID NOT GO BANKRUPT so the Great Depression would NOT have affected your retirement
like politicians would like to have you believe...

Enron and a few other companies went bankrupt, but THOUSANDS of companies remained in business and
their stock prices increased as they always did. After the recession that started in 2000, and the attacks of
September 11,2001, the stock market declined to around the 7000 level,but by 2007, the Dow Jones index was
over 13,000. This means that the DOW almost DOUBLED in value in 6 years!

Wealthy politicians (who INVEST in the Stock Market THEMSELVES) neglect to tell you that the stock market will
be there as long as there is a United States and as long as there is a United States, there will be a world
economy to invest in.

To RELY on Social Security as your "retirement insurance" is absolutely the BIGGEST RISK you can take for you
and your family's financial well-being.

You MUST invest in stocks and/or bonds which usually earn a better return on the investment in order to
overcome two major obstacles to a comfortable retirement.

Inflation is usually in the 3%-4% range each year.

Taxes are always going to be there, so your investments
need to earn at least 6% JUST TO KEEP UP WITH INFLATION

The current Social Security program provides the next, and potentially fatal opportunity for Marxists to use to
overthrow the Capitalistic system that has vaulted the United States to the highest standard of living and our
unequaled prosperity.

irony would be that people would give up on the best and fairest economic system (Capitalism) that allows
a person to be as successful as they CHOOSE, based on their own knowledge, skill level and ambition, because
of the catastrophic crash of a virulently ANTI-Capitalistic
regressive TAX program known as Social Security
sometime in the NEAR future.

REMEMBER: Social Security is SOCIALISTIC by its own name.

If you are unsure of the meaning of this statement; Socialism is the last step before Communism.

If you are unsure of the meaning of this statement; ask the over 100 MILLION people who died as
Communists liquidated people who fought against Socialism/Communism in Russia, China, Vietnam, Eastern
Europe in the 1950s-1980s, Cuba, and other South American and African countries.

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