Age 50...and little saved

This woman was a "successful" business owner and probably lived an upper middle class lifestyle (she
currently resides in affluent Morristown, New Jersey), and was so distracted during her youth by being
"successful", that she forgot one MAJOR item: She forgot to save and invest for the time in her life when she
won't have the income from her business. Sadly, she is the "poster child" for why people must save and invest
for their future and not have a "live for today" attitude.

The culture we live in and the media's influence tell us that immediate gratification is what we are "entitled to",
but we should remember the fables we were told as children. We should be visionary like the ant who saved
for "the winter" (as in our retirement years) while the grasshopper played all "summer" long (i.e.: during our
youth). When winter came, the ant had plenty to eat while the grasshopper was dying of hunger.



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