The SCAM known as Social Security

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which
he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

                        Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to the increasingly socialistic United States...

Social "Security", this government "insurance program, is the largest obstacle to YOUR FAMILY'S financial security.

Yes - an insurance program, and a very poor one at that.

Your Social Security "contributions" (confiscated by government with the power of the gun)
are also known as
FICA taxes. FICA is an acronym that means "Federal Insurance Contributions Act".

In a typical governmental double-speak "what you think is good for you, is actually bad", Social Security is portrayed
as allowing a worker to obtain "security" in retirement, but in reality, causes that worker to stay at a subsistence

Of course, the proponents of Social Security will say "Social Security is part of the "three-legged stool" of pension,
personal savings, and Social Security, so we do not say that Social Security is a retirement plan".

With companies redefining their traditional pension plans, the personal savings rate at near-zero, and the high rate
of "contributions" for Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.4%), it is because the amount the government
confiscates for Social Security and Medicare cuts so deeply into a worker's salary, Social Security (and Medicare)
actually INHIBITS any possible personal savings by working Americans.

With the catch-22 of high FICA and Medicare taxes taken by the government for Social Security and Medicare
stifling any possible savings, it is no wonder that Americans have little or nothing saved for retirement.

If you earn $40,000, 6.2% of that is $2,480 per year, or $206.67 per month and 1.4% is $560.00 per year, or
$46.67 per month.

Ask yourself this: Would YOU write out a check for $253.34 PER MONTH (or MORE, if you earn more than
$40,000 as in this example...) for something YOU DO NOT OWN, or MAY receive ONLY partial re-payment
after you turn 67? (If you live that long???)

Social Security is a DEVIOUS TRAP that costs the working American HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, if NOT MILLIONS
of Dollars over a worker's career. Social Security also takes money (Capital) out of the economy, and instead of
large and small businesses receiving the capital as investments, the GOVERNMENT confiscates the funds for lousy,
inefficient, ineffective, Social programs that follow the Marxist mantra of "Re-distribution of Wealth".

After you read the information on this website, you will become angry, disappointed in the system, and
feel like you have been duped and taken advantage of by politicians who just want to spend YOUR  
hard-earned money.

These are emotions that I felt after years of putting all of the pieces together about what Social
Security was about. That is GOOD, because those emotions gave me the motivation to study more about
Social Security, and after I had amassed enough convincing data, to create this website.

Now that you come this far, when you come to the "fork in the road"...

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